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11-24-13 Legislative Alerts from OTA .pdf click here
New 10-11-13 OTA Legislative Alert-Info on Speed Cameras, Grants, Jedds, Fiscal Officer Accountability plus more....click here .pdf
New 10-06-13 OTA Legislative Alert-Info on Internet Cafes, Annexation, Retirement Changes, Sweep Accounts, Training Class plus much more click here........pdf
OTA Alert-Information on EPA Reporting, PERS New Health Care Rules & Retirement,  Records Seminar click here
 03-04-13 Legislative Alerts from OTA .pdf click here
Land Bank Report by Patti Echko click here.....
If you have homes to demolish, you need to read and act quickly, funds are available now!

New 02-24-13 Legislative Alerts from OTA .pdf document click here

Elyria Township 9/11Memorial
Jan. 2, 2012 Township Meeting
Rob Scheithauer, Elyria Township Trustee, would like to share pictures of last nights township meeting presentation.
Elyria Township will be planning a 9/11 Memorial after they received a fragment of steel that once was part of a box beam from the World Trade Center.  The artifact measures approximately 18" x 18" x 3" and weights just over 200 pounds.  
Fire-fighter Tim Midkiff's first request was denied in 2010.  As the 10th Anniversary of the fateful day apporached, Township Trustee Rick Hutman asked him to try again.  This request was accepted by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey with a deadline that it must be picked up by December 16th.  A shipping company from New Jersey delivered the artifact to the township on December 19th. 
The Memorial is being considered for either the front of the Township Fire Station on Griswold Road or near the recently acquired Fire Training Trailer, located on township property adjacent to the Rowland Nature Center, 7475 Murray Ridge Road, Elyria, Ohio 44035.  Anyone interested in submitting a design proposal for the memorial should deliver the sealed proposal by 4:00 pm on February 6, 2012 to the Elyria Township Fire Station, 41416 Griswold Road, Elyria, Ohio 44035.
Elyria Township would like to thank Trustee Rick Hutman and Fire Fighter Tim Midkiff for being persistent in their endeavors in obtaining this artifact.
12/04/11 OTA Legislative Alerts----Local Government Bill,  Ag Zoning, EMS Illness Compensation,  Government  Innovation Legislation plus more...click here  
Legislative Update 10-22-11: OPERS Changes, Ethics Bill,  Primary Elections plus more click here.......
Ohio Legislative Update 10-15-2011 & Redistricting Maps
Surveys, Oil Drilling, Police & Fire Comp Bill plus more.....

Legislative Updates 09-30-2011
Find News on Bills-- 225 Auditor Reviews, 326 Public Fund Use, 246 Reverse Auctions, Opers, 209 Public Deposits, SWCD Surveys plus more Click here.....


[Click Here for the Chart of Changes and Effective Date .pdf]

From Heidi M. Fought, OTA

Dear Township Officials:

 I know you will be glad when you read this next sentence, as I know I am.  THE BUDGET PROCESS IS FINALLY OVER!

 Please find attached the final chart listing out the different items in the budget that impact townships.  We have listed the effective date for each section on the left.  I strongly encourage you to work with your legal counsel or county prosecutor regarding the implementation of these changes.

 We will be including legislative information in the July issue of the newsletter and several articles on specific provisions included in the budget in the Sept/Oct issue of the magazine.

 Should you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the items on the chart, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Heidi M. Fought
Director of Governmental Affairs
Ohio Township Association
6500 Taylor Road, Suite A
Blacklick, OH 43004
(614) 863-0045
(614) 863-9751 Fax

 [Click Here for the Chart of Changes and Effective Date .pdf]


New-06-09-11 Senate Changes of Passed Bill 153 click here...
 06-05-11 Legislative Update-Senate Versions of the Budget and Other Bills Click here
 05-08-11 Legislative Update-Budget out of House click here......
04-24-11 Legislative Update-Weight Limits, HB 153, Sewer Districts, UAN Updates, plus more click here....
 04-01-11 Legislative Update-Budget, HB 5 Collective Bargaining, Retirement, plus more.....click here
03-26-11 Legislative Update-SB5, Budget, Transportation Budget plus more... Click Here
 03-13-11 Legislative Update-SB5, Retirement, Budget, Collective Barganing plus more...Click Here
03-04-11 Legislative Update-SB5, Retirement, Annexation, Ambulance Staffing, plus more click here
 02-14-11 Legislative Update-Estate Tax-Retirement Bill, 1099 Repeal, Budget plus more click here....
02-05-11 Legislative Update-HB 2 Performance Audits--HB 3 Estate Tax (Grossman)--HB 69 Retirement Bill (Wachtmann)--Senate Bills--Federal 1099 Requirement-OTA Conference click here
01-29-11 Legislative Updates- Performance Audits---HB 3 Estate Tax----TANGIBLE PERSONAL PROPERTY TAX---SENATE COMMITTEES ANNOUNCED----House Ways Means Bills click here

New 01/27/10
[Lorain County Storm Water Run Off Draft Plan .pdf click here]

2010 Legislative Alerts Below:

09-30-10 Legislative Updates--- Annexation Tax Abatements, Federal Health Bill Requirments, Reforming Local Goverments, OTA Zoning Sessions click here

09-15-10 Legislative updates ---Annexation, OTA Zoning Sessions, OPERS Changes,  Washington News Click here

05/29/10 Legislative Alert-SB110, Energy Tax, Transfer of Property Rights,  Funding Police Protection and more click here....

The OTA needs your help
  SB 110 will be before the House Environment & Brownfields Committee (and possibly the full House) on Wednesday.  SB 110 revises the Household Sewage and Small Flow On-Site Sewage Treatment Systems (HSTS) Law.
  Click here for more.....

New-April 5, 2010

To all active LCTA Members:
I just received the dismissal of the lawsuit;  Lorain County Township Assoc. versus Lorain County Board of Commissioners that was filed on Friday, April 2,  2010 from Attorney Dennis O'Toole. 
I want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding.
Thank You,
Rob Scheithauer
LCTA President

02/21/10 Kudos to LCTA!

Click on Picture to Enlarge (Belle Everett)

Click on Picture to Enlarge

Above Belle Everett Speaking & Janie Spade  from OTA Presenting the Award to LCTA Officers at LCTA's Annual Spring Banquet!


The OTA announced, after the closing of the general session on Saturday February 20th,  that Lorain County had the highest percentage of attendance at the 2010 winter conference. Of the 72 Lorain County Trustees and Fiscal Officers, 44 were in attendance at the conference in Columbus.


The OTA maintains a plaque that lists the annual attendance winners.  Because the announcement was made after the closing ceremony, only a few of the LCTA members were there for a picture that was taken with the plaque.


Hopefully, the picture of the members and the plaque will be in the next OTA magazine.  Great job everyone!



Rob Scheithauer

President, LCTA

OTA Legislative Update 03/07/10

OTA Legislative Alert 01-08-10 Click Here

12/13/09 New Legislative News From OTA Click Here
[Legislative Update 11/20/09 Click Here] Transportation updates, Auditors Bulletins, Federal Updates
New November '09 Legislative and Information Updates
1. November '09 Updates OTA
2. General Update OTA October 2009
3. General Assembly Status Sheet .pdf
4.  Ohio New Budget Information [Click Here]--Old News
07/21/09 Governor Veto Several Provisions of the New Budget [click here for more infomation]

07/15/09 Ohio Passes New Budget
[click here for more information]
 12/13/08 Betty Blairs  Sheriff Funding Proposal--[.pdf  Doc link] or [Web Page (.html) link]
 12/13/08 New Solid Waste Grant Rules Coming Click  for .pdf Documents: [Grant Guide Line Changes-Greensburg] [Memo From Solid Waste on VBS Changes-Billman] 
New 01/01/09 Dear Township Officials:

Last week the OTA received an e-mail from the Ohio Department of Taxation updating the State Associations to the status of the Local Government Fund. As you all know, last year the General Assembly passed legislation that created a formula for the LGF, rather than the LGF being a line item in the State's budget. By making the LGF a formula-based pot of money, local governments will share in the state's good fortune and, in the case of the economy now, share in the state's bad fortune.

The attached word document was provided to us by the Department of Taxation. The Department explains that LGF projections for 2009 are 7% less than CY 2008 actual receipts due to the economic crisis Ohio and the country is facing. This means that you will likely see at least a 7% reduction in LGF dollars from 2008. The OTA is recommending that you budget at least 8-10% less in LGF revenue for 2009, as the economic conditions are likely to worsen rather than get better.

Should you have any questions about the LGF, please visit the Department of Taxation's website or talk to your county auditor.


Heidi M. Fought Director of Governmental Affairs Ohio Township Association 6500 Taylor Road, Suite A Blacklick, OH 43004 (614) 863-0045 (614) 863-9751 - Fax

[Click Here for Letter from the Tax Department-Estimates .pdf Doc]

New 01/01/09 Dear Township Officials: I am pleased to announce that Governor Strickland signed HB 458 on Tuesday, December 30. The bill is effective as of December 30, 2008. The OTA encourages you to work with your legal counsel to utilize HB 458 and to clear up any findings for recovery with respect to the health insurance reimbursement issue.

Thank you again for all your calls and letters on this issue.

Happy New Year!


Heidi M. Fought Director of Governmental Affairs Ohio Township Association 6500 Taylor Road, Suite A Blacklick, OH 43004 (614) 863-0045 (614) 863-9751 - Fax


New 12/28/08 The National Association of Towns and Townships has been asked what townships need to be doing right now to benefit from the economic stimulus legislation. All indications are that stimulus funds will be distributed to local governments through your states. Please review the attached NATaT Stimulus Recommendations. We are requesting that each township send the attached letters, respectively, to US Senate and US House Members relative to federal general revenue sharing with local governments.

Additionally, the federal government is looking to stimulate the economy by distributing transportation stimulus funds in 2009. It is imperative that township officials communicate their “ready to go” projects to the appropriate state administering agency. A “ready to go” project is being defined as a project that can commence construction within 90-180 days of enactment of the stimulus legislation (we will not know the actual number until final passage of the bill; it also may vary by program), and be completed by the end of calendar year 2010. Funds will not be used for engineering, design, or environmental work. The information provided to the state administering agency should be: the project description, how the project will benefit the community, and the number of jobs that will be created as a result of project funding. In addition to providing the state administering agency with this information, townships should also communicate their “ready to go” projects to their respective Governors’ offices.

Should you have any questions about NATaT's Economic Stimulus Report and Call to Action, feel free to contact me.


Jennifer L. Imo

National Association of Towns and Townships (NATaT)

1130 Connecticut Avenue, NW

Suite 300

Washington, DC 20036

202.331.8500 Main

202.454.3947 Direct

202.331.1598 Fax


[Click here for more infomation in MS Word Document]

[Senate Letter] [House Letter]

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Sheriff Patrol Services
Anderson Township has had some issues with the Hamilton County Commissioners regarding our current sheriff patrol contract we have in place.  I am interested in finding out how many, and which, County Sheriffs in Ohio provide any patrol services to unincorporated areas of townships and do not charge those townships 100% of the cost of these services.

Thank you for your consideration.

Henry Dolive, Administrator
Anderson Township, Hamilton County
Voice (513) 688-8400
FAX   (513) 231-2967


New 12/13/08 OTA Email:

Dear Township Officials:

I am happy to report that the Ohio Senate has passed House Bill 458, which would permit townships to use general fund monies derived from inside millage for road/bridge purposes and clarifies the township health insurance statute.

The bill passed out of the Senate Ways & Means Committee earlier today by a vote of 7-0.  There was an amendment added, at the request of the Ohio Department of Taxation, that has no relevance to the township measures in the bill however the amendment did need an emergency clause which HB 458 has.  The full Senate took the measure up this afternoon.  The Senate first voted on whether to include the emergency clause and they voted in the affirmative by a vote of 30-1 with Grendell voting in the negative.  Then the Senate took a vote on the bill and they voted 30-1 to pass the bill with Grendell voting in the negative.

The Ohio Township Association is asking that each township official call or send an e-mail to their respective senators and express your thanks for their vote on HB 458.  You may find the list of senate members and their contact information at http://www.senate.state.oh.us/senators/by_name.html.  Additionally, we ask that you also thank Senator Ron Amstutz, the chairman of the Senate Ways and Means Committee.

Now HB 458 will head back to the House for concurrence on the changes made to the bill.  The OTA will keep you updated on this bill.



Heidi M. Fought
Director of Governmental Affairs
Ohio Township Association
6500 Taylor Road, Suite A
Blacklick, OH  43004
(614) 863-0045
(614) 863-9751 - Fax

NOTICE: This electronic mail transmission is for the use of the named individual or entity

05/28/2008 [Wednesdays Update-Senate Update of Below Topics  Click Here]

05-27-08 Legislative Update from OTA-Internet Action, Use of General Fund Moneys, Bid Advertising, Commissions to Study Local Governments and More [click here]


 02/09/08-Governer Strickland's State of the State Address Outline [Click Here]
 01/16/08 [New State Fire/EMS Rules Town Hall Meeting Click Here]
09/14/07  Public Records-- Attorney Generals Opinion  and OTA Opinion  [Click Here]

09/07 Pay to Play 

(Political Contributions for Government Contracts)

            In the waning hours of the 126th General Assembly, a bill was passed
that impacts local governments.
            The bill extends to most local governments statutory provisions intended to discourage pay to play contracts between authorities and vendors.
           Under the new law, any bid or undid contract, including purchase orders, for goods and services with a value of more than $500 will require the
vendor to certify to the contracting authority in an amount that exceeds
the limits provided by law.  While the bill was designed to deal with
state agencies, the local government provisions were added in the Ohio
Senate, after the bill had passed the House.[.....More Click Here]