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Dear Township Officials:

In the waning hours of the 126th General Assembly, a bill was passed
that impacts local governments.

The bill extends to most local governments statutory provisions intended
to discourage pay to play contracts between authorities and vendors.

Under the new law, any bid or undid contract, including purchase orders,
for goods and services with a value of more than $500 will require the
vendor to certify to the contracting authority in an amount that exceeds
the limits provided by law.  While the bill was designed to deal with
state agencies, the local government provisions were added in the Ohio
Senate, after the bill had passed the House.

We have serious concerns with this bill and we have been working with
the Ohio Municipal League and the County Commissioners Association, as
well as the bill's sponsor, to make corrections to this language.
Unfortunately we have not been able to correct the bill prior to the
effect date, which was April 4.  We will continue to try and make
changes, and hopefully, can get something passed sooner, rather than

We are providing several overview documents for you to review, as well
as a sample affidavit to use.  Prior to using the sample affidavit, we
strongly encourage you to seek legal counsel advice.  After reading the
information, should you have questions please contact your legal

Additionally, we are working with the County Commissioners Association
on training for this new law.  Once dates and ties are confirmed, I will
send this information out.


Heidi M. Fought
Director of Governmental Affairs
Ohio Township Association
6500 Taylor Road, Suite A
Blacklick, OH  43004
(614) 863-0045
(614) 863-9751 - Fax

Links to Documents: [Affidavit: [.doc] [.pdf]] [Overveiw .pdf] [HB694.pdf]