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Recently Introduced
HB 580 ANNEXATION (Snitchler) To require that a political subdivision owner be included in determining the number of owners needed to sign a petition for an expedited type-II annexation. Am. 709.02
SB 302 AMBULANCE STAFFING (Carey) To revise the requirements for staffing ambulances and the priorities for distributing grants for emergency medical services. Am. & Rep. 4765.07, 4765.43, and 4766.03 and 4765.431
The OTA is pleased to announce that we will be offering zoning sessions in 2010.  The OTA will offer four different zoning sessions each Friday September 24 through October 15.  Please find attached details for each workshop, as well as a registration form.  Should you have any questions about the sessions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Lame Duck Issue to Keep Eye On
Proposed Changes to OPERS  
OPERS has proposed changes to benefits designed, according to OPERS, to strengthen the pension system and maintain adequate funding for retiree health care. These substantial, yet incremental changes, require passage by members of the General Assembly and support from the Ohio Retirement Study Council. OPERS is hoping for the passage of a bill as soon as possible. OPERS will achieve these goals with changes to retirement eligibility, the benefit formula, COLA and the calculation of final average salary. Additionally, OPERS has proposed increasing the monthly minimum earnable salary to earn full-time service credit from $250 per month to $1,000 per month and those officials that earn less than $1,000 per month will receive partial credit.
By altering the monthly minimum amount, more than 90 percent of township trustees will not be eligible to receive a full year service credit. The OTA believes that the proposed changes by OPERS penalizes those trustees and fiscal officers that have smaller budgets or that choose to be fiscally responsible by taking less salary than they are entitled to so that the revenue can be used for other township purposes.  The OTA is willing to sit down with OPERS and members of the legislature to come up with an alternative proposal. In fact, the OTA has proposed to OPERSí legislative staff that the monthly minimum earnable salary be altered from $250 to $500 per month and index the monthly minimum amount yearly at a rate of three percent of the CPI, whichever is lower. The indexing language is reflective of current township cost of living adjustment language in each of the township pay statutes. The OTA believes this is a fair compromise.
Attached is a document that OPERS just released to explain why OPERS is seeking these changes.
News From Washington, DC - NATaT
Please find attached two documents from the National Association of Towns and Townships.  The first is the July-August update recapping activities in DC and at Congress over the summer.  The second document provides an overview of a grant for brownfields that is being offered by EPA.     

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Director of Governmental Affairs
Ohio Township Association
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Recent Reports & Information Documents:
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