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Ohio Legislative Update 10-15-2011 & Redistricting Maps

Shared Services Survey - VERY important!
Am. Sub. H.B. 153 (biennium budget) was enacted in June and requires the Director of the Governor’s Office of 21st Century Education to conduct a shared services survey of Ohio’s school districts and local political subdivisions by October 15, 2011.  Townships, as political subdivisions, are part of this survey.
This survey will be utilized to collect baseline data on existing shared services arrangements as well as to identify where there may be opportunities to do more.  There are several purposes for this survey:
To identify and celebrate ways that publically-funded organizations across Ohio are CURRENTLY sharing services and/or have PLANS to share services;
To identify best practice shared services delivery models where there is potential for near-term cost savings and improved service delivery that can be replicated;
To identify obstacles and barriers to successful sharing of services; and
To identify the conditions for success that characterizes successful shared services.
It is very important that townships take the time to complete this survey!  The survey can be accessed online at:
http://survey.education.ohio.gov/se.ashx?s=60DA72701C32FD35  Townships will have until October 28, 2011, to complete the survey.  Results will be included in the state’s plan and recommendations to the Governor released in December.  The Administration is working closely will all interested stakeholders to ensure the survey results reflect the current state of shared services and accurately identify new opportunities for collaboration.
In preparation to complete the survey, townships should be prepared to provide the following information (gather prior to taking the survey!)  And please, only one response per township.
Your township’s 2010-11 Total Annual Operating Expenses;
Identification of your township’s collaborative or shared service projects;
The amount spent or purchased in 2010-2011 through a shared service arrangement provided by another governmental entity;
The amount of your 2010-2011 total annual revenue generated by providing shared services and other consortia programs or services to another governmental entity.
Information about your core technology systems.
Your direct and candid responses will assist the state in being informed about the collaboration that townships already engage in, developing the appropriate policies and related support systems to ensure the ongoing delivery and sustainability of essential public services to all Ohioans.
Seize this opportunity and submit a thorough response.  Again, please visit
http://survey.education.ohio.gov/se.ashx?s=60DA72701C32FD35 and participate in this survey.
Matthew DeTemple, OTA Executive Director
HB 345 OIL & GAS DRILLING (Driehaus, D., Heard, T.) Established a moratorium on horizontal stimulation of oil and gas wells until the United States Environmental Protection Agency publishes a report containing the results of a study of the relationship of hydraulic fracturing to drinking water resources and the Chief of the Division of Oil and Gas Resources Management issues a report analyzing how Ohio's rules address issues raised in the USEPA report.
HB 346 LAW ENFORCEMENT (Yuko, K.) To provide that a firefighter, police officer, or public EMS worker who is disabled as a result of specified types of cancer or certain contagious or infectious diseases is presumed for purposes of the laws governing workers' compensation and the Ohio Police and Fire Pension Fund to have incurred the disease while performing official duties as a firefighter, police officer, or public EMS worker. Am. 742.38, 4123.57, and 4123.68
The OTA has opposed this bill in the past due to the increased costs that townships may incur.
Road Use Agreements for Oil/Gas Wells - Staff members from Governor’s office, PUCO and JobsOhio
The new Congressional districts have been set for the next ten years.  As you all know, redistricting happens in Ohio after the US Census data is released.  Due to population loss, Ohio lost two (2) Congressional House members.  The new Congressional, Ohio House and Ohio Senate maps are attached.
The OTA strongly encourages you to review the maps and see if your federal and state members will still be representing your township/county.  If not, you are encouraged to introduce yourself to the potential new member or potential candidate(s) for those seats.  Invite them to your township meetings, the county township association meetings, and other township-related events.  It is critical now, more than ever, that federal and state office holders understand township government.
With the passage of the State Biennial Budget (HB 153), language within the bill called for the creation of the Ohio Soil & Water Conservation Commission Conservation Program Delivery Taskforce.  This workgroup was tasked to look at Ohio’s 88 county Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs) to determine if there are impediments to doing business, duplication of services or other roadblocks that are negatively impacting the state’s SWCD’s program delivery effectiveness and efficiency.
The Task Force has requested input from local government officials since you may have a direct interest in the programs, funding and effectiveness of the SWCD’s.  Please cut and paste this web address -
https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/6R563WH - into your browser to take part in a short survey to assist the Task Force.
Again, please visit
https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/6R563WH to take part in the survey. All elected officials (or the employee(s) with your jurisdiction that have worked with the county SWCD) are encouraged to fill out the survey.
The Taskforce appreciates your time and consideration of this request.
Winter Conference
The Ohio Township Association’s annual Winter Conference will occur Feb. 8-11, 2012, at the Columbus Convention Center.  More than 60 workshops (announced in December newsletter) will be offered over a three-day period, and a Trade Show with more than 100 vendors present.  The three-hour public records training is being offered on Friday for those registered for the conference.  You must pre-register for the training, and seating is limited to 450 (first come, first serve basis).
Conference registration materials will be available in the November/December issue of the Ohio Township News and online at
www.ohiotownships.org beginning Nov. 1.  Housing registration opens Nov. 7 at 10 a.m.  For conference questions, please contact OTA Director of Public Relations Kaitlin Hall at 614-863-0045 or hall@ohiotownships.org.
What types of OTA-sponsored educational sessions do you like/dislike?  How far are you willing to drive for these opportunities?  The OTA will discuss the future of the regional one-day sessions at the Nov. 18 Board meeting.  If you have not completed the following survey, we encourage you to do so.  To complete the survey, please cut and paste this Web address into your browser - https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/DRZPLGS.
Working Smarter Together Conference
On October 24, the Nord Family Foundation, Ohio Grantmakers Forum, Thomas B. Fordham Institute, and others are hosting Working Smarter Together: Enhancing savings and performance for local schools and governments. This event will present tangible strategies and advice to help local public sector leaders work together to achieve cost-savings and other efficiencies, while not diminishing the quality or level of services.
Speakers include State Auditor Dave Yost, Controlling Board President Randy Cole (who is heading up Gov. Kasich's work to transform and reform state and local government), and Jack Grayson (founder of the American Productivity and Quality Center). There will also be a panel discussion among local public sector leaders who are already working together across sectors to improve services and save money.
You can find more information about the free event and register online here: http://www.edexcellence.net/events/working-smarter-together.html.  Should you have any questions or concerns about the event, please contact Emmy L. Partin, Director of Ohio Policy & Research, Thomas B. Fordham Institute, 614-223-1580.

Ohio Congressional Map.pdf    Ohio Senate Map.pdf   Ohio House Map.pdf