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HB 128 Ambulance Staffing (Carey, Peterson) - To revise the requirements for staffing ambulances and the priorities for distributing grants for emergency medical services.

This bill had sponsor testimony this week before the Senate Highways & Transportation Committee.  The OTA will be testifying in support of the measure next week.  The bill is slated for a possible vote next week as well.


HB 153 Biennium Budget (Amstutz) - To make appropriations for FY 2012-2013.

As noted in my alert on Tuesday evening, a substitute bill was accepted by the Committee that contained a variety of changes - some for townships, some against.  The list of items currently included in HB 153 is attached again.  The Senate Finance Committee heard additional testimony on the new version and the OTA submitted a letter, attached, to the Chairman for consideration.


The Senate accepted additional amendments today and will be reviewing all submitted over the weekend.  An omnibus amendment is expected to be accepted by the Committee on either Tuesday or Wednesday next week.  We will provide you with a new list of items included in HB 153 following the acceptance of the omnibus amendment.


The full Senate is expected to vote either late next week or the first of the following week, at the latest.  The bill will then go to the House for acceptance or rejection of the Senate changes.  If the House rejects the changes, a Conference Committee will be created.  Should a Conference Committee be created, this will provide us one additional attempt to get items changed in the budget.


HB 229 AGRICULTURAL LAWS (Buchy) - To revise the laws governing agriculture.

This bill had all testimony this week before the House Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee.  The bill contains the following provision:

“Requires an applicant for a permit to install to construct or expand a concentrated animal feeding facility (CAFO) to submit a notarized affidavit regarding township and county infrastructure improvements with the application, rather than written statements from the board of township trustees and board of county commissioners regarding those improvements, if either board does not provide the written statement within 75 days of receiving notification from the applicant.”



Recently Introduced:

SB 178 RECORDS RETENTION (Seitz, B., Wilson, J.) To limit the forfeiture amount and attorney's fees a person may recover for the unlawful destruction or disposal of a record of a public office, to establish a four-year statute of limitations for the commencement of a civil action for injunctive relief or to recover a forfeiture for such unlawful conduct, to require one-half of all forfeiture amounts recovered to be paid to the state for use by the state archives, to revise the Ohio Historical Society's procedure for selecting records of historical value before political subdivisions dispose of them, to allow the Attorney General to offer programs regarding the records retention procedure, and to move the date for meetings of a county microfilming board.

Referred to Senate Judiciary-Civil Justice

The OTA supports this bill.  Several of these provisions may be included in the budget bill.




Elections - OTA will be meeting with interested parties next week regarding the two election reform bills before the General Assembly.  If you have any concerns about the election bills, please share your thoughts with us!



Meetings this Week:

Reps Amstutz & Duffey - Collaboration Fund / LGF



Legislative Committee Schedules beginning 6/6/2011:

Tuesday, June 7

House Local Government, (Chr. Blair, T., 466-6504), Rm. 121, 1:30 p.m.

HB 225 COUNTY AUDITOR REVIEWS  (Peterson, B., Landis, A.)  To vest in county auditors responsibility for reviewing and approving property tax exemption applications for some publicly owned property, to authorize county auditors and boards of township trustees to adopt a direct deposit payroll policy, and to authorize counties to increase the amount credited to "rainy day" reserve balance accounts to one-sixth of the expenditures made in the preceding fiscal year from the fund in which the reserve balance account is established.  (2nd Hearing-Proponent)

The OTA will be testifying in support of this bill next week.

HB 50 ANNEXATION PETITIONS  (Snitchler)  To require that a political subdivision owner be included in determining the number of owners needed to sign a petition for an expedited type-II annexation.  (5th Hearing-All testimony-Possible amendments & substitute)

House State Government & Elections, (Chr. Mecklenborg, R., 466-8258), Rm. 116, 1:30 p.m.

HB 188 CONSTITUTIONAL COMMISSION  (Batchelder, B.)  To establish the Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commission and to make an appropriation.  (3rd Hearing-All testimony-Possible amendments & vote)

HB 195 SKILL BASED GAMES  (Anielski, M., Baker, N.)  To provide licensing of skill-based amusement machine operators and distributors and sweepstakes terminal device operators and distributors and to make changes to bingo and other gambling law.  (2nd Hearing-Attorney General testimony)

Wednesday, June 8

Senate Highways & Transportation, (Chr. Patton, T., 466-8056), S. Hearing Rm., 10:30 a.m.

HB 128 EMS CONTRACTS (Carey, J., Peterson, B.)  To revise the requirements for staffing ambulances. (2nd Hearing-All testimony-Possible amendment & vote)

House Agriculture & Natural Resources, (Chr. Hall, D., 466-2994), Rm. 116, 7 p.m.

HB 229 AGRICULTURE LAWS  (Buchy, J.)  To revise the laws governing agriculture.  (4th Hearing-Possible amendment & vote)

House Commerce & Labor, (Chr. Uecker, J., 466-8134), Rm. 121, 7 p.m.

HB 176 PUBLIC CONTRACTS  (Beck, P.)  To limit the magnitude of change orders on public improvements required to be competitively bid.  (2nd Hearing-Proponent)


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Director of Governmental Affairs
Ohio Township Association
6500 Taylor Road, Suite A
Blacklick, OH 43004
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Items in HB 153 Imapcting Townships - Sen Comm Version1.pdf Click here

Senate Finance Committee Letter.pdf click here