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Legislative Report Week of 04-23-2011


None due to Spring Break.



LEGISLATIVE Actions Next Week:

The House Finance Committee will be meeting on Thursday, April 28 at 4:30 pm, at which time a substitute budget bill (HB 153) is expected to be accepted.  The substitute bill will have changes the House is seeking to Governor Kasichís budget proposal.  We will provide you with a summary of those changes either Thursday evening (April 28) or Monday, May 2, as I will be out of the office on Friday.  I apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.


The Finance Committee will hold hearings on the new version of HB 153 on Friday, April 29 (9:00 am), Saturday, April 30 (10:00 am) and Monday, May 2 (10:00 am).  All hearings will take place in Room 313 of the Statehouse.  The OTA will be testifying depending on what changes are proposed in the substitute bill.




Joint Police Districts - OTA has received a draft of language permitting a township and municipality to form a joint police district.  When legislation is introduced, we will let you know.

Water/Sewer Districts - OTA has received a draft of legislation that would permit a 6119 water/sewer district to establish contracting authority for the regional district and would declare that a water resource project of the district remains under the districtís jurisdiction even if the territory is annexed.  Should the legislation be introduced, we will let you know.

Expansion of Definition of Agriculture - Last General Assembly a bill was introduced that would expand the definition of agriculture for purposes of zoning (HB 485).  The bill did not pass and therefore, must be reintroduced.  We have been informed that there is a push to get this bill reintroduced this GA and enacted.  We are looking for feedback on this issue.  Please find attached the analysis of that bill.  Any comments or concerns would be greatly appreciated.




With the help of Kaitlin in our office, the OTA legislative website is finally up to date and will be updated regularly.  For information about bills we have testified on, recently introduced legislation or copies of past alerts, please visit www.ohiotownships.org.




The Attorney Generalís office has released dates for public records training throughout the state.  Please find attached the list of trainings scheduled thus far in 2011.



Delayed Start Date for Multi-User UAN System:

We have been informed that the Auditor of Stateís office will be delaying the implementation of the new Multi User (accounting & payroll) UAN software by one year.  Details will be released in an Auditorís publication in the next week or so.



Weight Limit SURVEY:

Progressive Railroading is conducting an on-line poll on the question of allowing states to increase truck weights from 80,000 lbs. to 97,000 lbs.  This poll isnít scientific, but the National Industrial Transportation League (NITL), a vocal supporter of heavier trucks, has notified its membership to vote in support of the heavy truck proposal by voting in this poll.  We are asking you to also vote in the poll, but to DISAGREE with the proposition.  The link to the poll is http://www.progressiverailroading.com/.  (If you cannot link, please copy and paste this URL in your browser.)


There is urgency to this, as the deadline is close of business Monday.  Thank you!

Link to h0485-rh-128.pdf

Sunshine Law Training 4-18-11 (2).pdf