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Links all .pdf files: Ota Letter To House----HB3 Grossman Sponser Bill---Senate Comittees-- House Ways Means Sponsor Recap


HB 2 Performance Audits

This bill, when an amendment is accepted in committee next week, will permit a local government to request a performance audit AND request assistance to help pay for the performance audit.  A fund will be created by the Auditor of State with $1.5 million in seed money coming from the UAN fund.


The OTA was asked to comment on the amendment. We are not thrilled with where the Auditor is taking the money to start the fund.  We feel that if there is excess money in the UAN fund, then the money should be returned to those entities that paid into the fund.


We did eventually sign off on the amendment (see attached letter), as we were told that the Auditor will reinstate a rate holiday for UAN users AND will review UAN fee and rate structure.  Additionally, the amendment requires the seed money to be transferred back to the UAN fund over time. 


HB 3 Estate Tax

This bill will repeal the estate tax as of January 1, 2011.  The bill had sponsor testimony this week in the House Ways & Means Committee.  Please find attached the sponsor's written testimony and then a word document of my notes from committee.


The OTA urges small and medium townships that have benefitted from the estate tax this year or last year to inform your legislators of how that money helped you.  We are hearing from legislators that small and medium townships do not care about losing this revenue source!   If this is true, please let us know, as we, the Ohio Township Association, cannot effectively argue for a replacement revenue stream if townships are telling legislators that the money generated from the estate tax doesn't matter.


The bill will have proponent testimony next week and we will provide you with a recap in the next legislative alert.



As you are all aware, the tangible personal property (TPP) tax has been eliminated and the state has been fully reimbursing local governments and schools for lost TPP revenue for the last four years.  The phase-down of TPP reimbursements was to start at the beginning of this year but the last General Assembly and Governor extended the hold harmless period for 6 additional months. As of right now, the phase-down (no longer 100% reimbursed) will begin with the August TPP payment.


For the last five years, the OTA has been working with numerous partners to address the train wreck that is about to begin.  Unfortunately, the economy has soured and the state is now facing an $8 billion deficit so finding a permanent replacement revenue source has been difficult.  HOWEVER, our coalition has met with several key players in the House recently, have presented the issue to the House Ways & Means Committee and will be meeting soon with the new Tax Commissioner and OBM Director to discuss the issue. 


We will continue to keep you posted of any new developments on this matter.


The Senate announced committee chairs and committee assignments this week.  The chair of the Senate State and Local Government Committee will be Senator Kris Jordan from Delaware County.  The chair of the Senate Ways & Means Committee will be Senator Tim Schaffer from Fairfield County and the chair of Senate Finance will be Senator Chris Widener from Clark County.  The complete list of committees is attached.


Committees Next Week

Wednesday, February 2

House Health & Aging, (Chr. Wachtmann, 466-3760), Rm. 116, 9 a.m.

1st Hearing-Sponsor on legislation from Rep. Wachtmann on pension reform (as of today, the bill has yet to be introduced)

House Ways & Means, (Chr. Stautberg, 644-6886), Rm. 114, 3:30 p.m.

HB 3 ESTATE TAX  (Grossman)  To repeal the estate tax for the estates of individuals dying on or after January 1, 2011.  (2nd Hearing-Proponent)


We have been working with several legislators on legislation that would: - provide a blanket statute for collaboration - permit townships to set their own speed limits - alter the definition of owner for annexation - permit the creation of a joint police district between a township and a municipality   Should any of these bills be introduced, we will let you know.  

Heidi M. Fought Director of Governmental Affairs Ohio Township Association 6500 Taylor Road, Suite A Blacklick, OH 43004 (614) 863-0045 (614) 863-9751 Fax

Links all .pdf files: Ota Letter To House----HB3 Grossman Sponser Bill---Senate Comittees-- House Ways Means Sponsor Recap