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Dear Township Officials: Please find below information pertaining to several matters before the General Assembly, as well as some other township-related matters. I strongly encourage you to read this entire alert.

GENERAL ASSEMBLY ACTIVITIES The General Assembly will be back in action next week after a few weeks off for the holidays. It is expected that they will take up the implementation of the constitutional amendment pertaining to casinos and the Livestock Care Board. Committees in both the House and Senate will pick up hearings that will likely include township related bills. As of today, next week a House committee will take up an election reform bill (SB 8) that at this time does not have anything which would negatively impact townships. The State Association will continue to monitor happenings on this and other township bills and report information as it becomes available.

State Association staff has met or will be meeting next week with legislators and the Governor's staff on the following matters: collective bargaining for township fire departments (HB 271), snow removal (SB 184), local government funds/estate tax revenue, and TPP reimbursement.

LOCATIONS FOR PUBLIC RECORDS TRAININGS IN 2010 The Ohio Township Association, along with other local government organizations are working with the Auditor of State's office on regionalized certified public records training in 2010, similar to what we did in 2007. If you have a location in your township that is easily accessible from an interstate or major state route, has ample parking, has audio/visual capabilities, and can hold approximately 100 people, please contact Heidi at the State Association office. Our goal is to provide certified public records training (3 hrs) at 7-8 different locations around the state. Location information will then be forwarded to representatives at the Auditor of State's office, which will handle room logistics and registrations.

LGF The State Association received word from the Department of Taxation that recently-enacted legislation (HB 318, 128th General Assembly) can be expected to augment the amount distributed in CY 2010 from the state LGF to all county undivided local government funds. The legislation delays the final step of a five-year reduction in state income tax rates, thereby generating additional state GRF tax revenue designed to fill a FY 2010-11 state budget gap. Because the LGF receives 3.68 percent of all state GRF tax revenues, the additional state tax revenue will automatically increase the amount of revenue placed into, and distributed from, the LGF. Taxation expects the recent legislation will generate about $16 million for the LGF during CY 2010. Of this amount, slightly below $15 million will be allocated among the 88 county undivided local government funds. The additional distributions attributable to HB 318 are expected to roughly equal the size of the forecasted year-to year decline thus, CY 2010 LGF distributions are now expected to be fairly close to the CY 2009 distributions. That being said, the State Association is still recommending townships budget 3-5% less in 2010 than in 2009 relative to the LGF distribution for your township.

PUBLICATION AVAILABLE Effective Policing and Crime Prevention is a great new management oriented document on policing and crime prevention from the Office of Community Oriented Policing.

http://www.cops.usdoj.gov/files/RIC/Publications/e070915216-EffectivePolicing.pdf Effective Policing and Crime Prevention: A Problem-Oriented Guide for Mayors, Township Administrators, City Managers, and County Executives, is intended to help local government executives understand how local government in general, and local police in particular, can more effectively meet this challenge of establishing public safety. It provides information on general approaches to crime and disorder (including community policing), specific responses to crime and disorder, and the local government executive's role in policing and crime prevention.

Published October 2009

REQUESTS FOR INFORMATION (please respond to person listed below each request) Swancreek Township, Fulton County - Definition of Indigent Do any townships have an established definition of an indigent and if so, what is that definition, as well as, how do you prove the person is in fact an indigent and who has the burden of proof? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your consideration, Chris Lauch Administrative Assistant Swancreek Twp. 419-822-4371 chris@swancreektwp.org

Portage Township, Wood County - Township Employees that also serve as Firefighters/EMTs Our township is trying to come up with something for our handbook that addresses employees (such as road workers, office staff, zoning staff, etc...) who are also volunteer EMS & Fire Fighters. We have no problem with them taking the time off but we are concerned about them receiving pay while they are gone. Does your township have anything that addresses this issue? Any insight on this matter is greatly appreciated.

Sincerely, Janet Shaffer, Fiscal Officer Portage Township, Wood County ljshaffer@embarqmail.com

REQUEST TO RESPOND TO SURVEY In an alert sent out last month, the OTA requested townships in the following counties to respond to a survey being conducted by the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission. (Delaware, Fairfield, Fayette, Franklin, Knox, Licking, Madison, Marion, Morrow, Pickaway, Ross & Union Counties) If you have not participated in the survey, please do so. Here is the information again.

Shaping our Future is a plan the Mid Ohio Regional Planning is spearheading for 12 counties in central Ohio. Expected to be completed in 2012, Shaping Our Future will integrate elements that impact the region including the transportation system, land use patterns, air quality, energy security, water quality, food production, and economic development. The mission is to have a regionally accepted plan that ensures major public infrastructure expenditures and public development decisions are made with a focus on sustainability to secure a competitive advantage for central Ohio.

The survey takes 10 minutes. There are questions about energy, environment, transportation, the economy and your neighborhood. Most importantly, itís an opportunity for you to say what you like about central Ohio and what you think would make it better. Itís anonymous, itís fast, and itís important. Get involved in Shaping Our Future! Use this link: http://regionalplan.questionpro.com/

Responses by County Thus Far: Delaware 368 Fairfield 156 Fayette 14 Franklin 3255 Knox 38 Licking 169 Madison 69 Marion 27 Morrow 32 Pickaway 38 Ross 70 Union 73

Heidi M. Fought Director of Governmental Affairs Ohio Township Association 6500 Taylor Road, Suite A Blacklick, OH 43004 (614) 863-0045 (614) 863-9751 Fax